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Action The Best 1980s Action TV Series Star Trek: The Next Generation is rising to #13 Entertainment The Best TV Dramas from the 1980s Magnum, P.I. is rising to #2 British TV The Best 1980s British Sitcoms Birds of a Feather is falling to #20 poll The Best Game Shows of the 1980s Scrabble is falling to #29
Entertainment Item Image Beauty and the Beast is rising to #16 The Best 1980s Cult TV Series Drama Item Image Sherlock Holmes is falling to #26 The Best 1980s Crime Drama TV Shows 1980s Item Image 151 people have voted on '80s Shows You Want To See Rebooted Entertainment Item Image Gimme a Break! is rising to #8 The Best '80s Black Sitcoms
1980s 606 voters The Best 1980s Sci-Fi Shows Mystery Science Theater 3000 is falling to #17 Nostalgia 1k people have voted on 20+ 1980s Sitcoms That Will Still Make You Laugh poll 6.4k people have voted on The Best Kids Game Shows of the '80s & '90s 80s TV 815 people have voted on The Best '80s Daytime Soap Operas