#4 Martell on The Best Cognac Brands #5 In-N-Out Burger on The Best Places to Eat When You're Hungover #2 Pyramid Apricot Ale on The Best Pyramid Brewery Beers

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209 reranks Famous Men You'd Want to Have a Beer With #1 Robert Downey Jr.
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#2 Tom Hanks
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#3 Morgan Freeman
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22 reranks The Best Tasting Light Beers #1 Miller Lite
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#3 Bud Light
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#4 Heineken International
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41 reranks The Best Cocktails Ever Mixed #1 Margarita
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#2 Mojito
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#3 Manhattan
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81 reranks The Best Beers from Around the World #1 Guinness
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#2 Stella Artois
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#4 Newcastle Brown Ale
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