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37 reranks The Hottest Canadian Actresses #1 Laura Vandervoort
Top 5 in Reranks and Often Listed
#2 Rachel McAdams
Often listed #1 and Most Votes
#3 Elisha Cuthbert
Heavily Upvoted
21 reranks Fictional Characters You'd Leave Your Woman For #1 Rogue
Top 5 in Reranks and Most Votes
#2 Abigail Whistler
Often listed #1 and Heavily Upvoted
#5 Buffy Summers
Heavily Upvoted
23 reranks The Best WWE Women's and Divas Champions #1 Trish Stratus
Often listed #1 and Top 5 in Reranks
#2 AJ Lee
Heavily Upvoted
#11 Kelly Kelly
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351 reranks The Most Beautiful Actresses Ever #1 Audrey Hepburn
Often listed #1 and Top 5 in Reranks
#2 Grace Kelly
Most Votes and Most Up Votes
#3 Elizabeth Taylor
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