#22 of 342 Spirited Away is rising on The Best Movies for Kids #13 of 99 Australia is rising on The Best Countries for Nightlife #19 of 113 Anna Netrebko is rising on The Greatest Sopranos of All Time #96 of 609 Isla Fisher is falling on Natural Beauties Who Don't Need No Make-Up #20 of 116 St. Louis is rising on America's Most Underrated Cities
31 reranks If You Could Only Eat One Food for the Rest of Your Life... #1 Pizza
Often listed #1 and Top 5 in Reranks
#2 Steak
Heavily Upvoted
#4 Spaghetti
Heavily Upvoted
74 reranks The Best Kids Cartoons of All Time #1 Looney Tunes
Often listed #1 and Most Votes
#2 Tom and Jerry
Top 5 in Reranks and Heavily Upvoted
#3 DuckTales
Heavily Upvoted
111 reranks Things That Introverts Have The Hardest Time With #1 Not Enough Alone Time
Often listed #1 and Most Up Votes
#2 Parties Full of Strangers
Top 5 in Reranks and Most Votes
#4 Small Talk
Heavily Upvoted
77 reranks The Best Female Characters in Literature #1 Elizabeth Bennet
Heavily Upvoted
#2 Hermione Granger
Most Votes and Most Up Votes
#3 Lady Macbeth
Often Listed and Ranked High on Reranks

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