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32reranksThe Greatest Female Opera Singers of All Time
#1 Megan Marie HartOften listed #1 and Top 5 in Reranks
#2 Leontyne PriceHeavily Upvoted
#3 Joan SutherlandMost Votes and Heavily Upvoted
38reranksThe Greatest Kid Characters in Film
#1 Hermione GrangerOften listed #1 and Most Votes
#2 Harry PotterTop 5 in Reranks and Often Listed
#3 Kevin McCallisterHeavily Upvoted
24reranksThe Best Qualities in a Person
#1 LoyalHeavily Upvoted
#3 TrustworthyOften listed #1 and Top 5 in Reranks
#5 LovingHeavily Upvoted
31reranksThe Greatest Date Movies Of All Time
#1 Forrest GumpMost Up Votes and Heavily Upvoted
#3 You've Got MailHeavily Upvoted
#6 The Princess BrideTop 5 in Reranks and Heavily Upvoted
The Greatest Musicals Ever Performed on Broadway, RankedThe Phantom of the Opera isfalling to #4
30 Weird Slang Terms Old-Timey Hobos Actually Used5k voters
70s Music
Every Schoolhouse Rock! Song, Ranked Best to Worst2.3k voters
The Best Skin Care BrandsCeraVe isrising to #4
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