#9 Star Tours on The Best Rides at Disneyland #3 Soarin' Over California on The Best Rides at Disney's California Adventure #8 Shere Khan on The Greatest Animated Disney Villains

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25 reranks The Best Disney Animated Movies of All Time #1 The Lion King
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#2 Beauty and the Beast
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#3 The Little Mermaid
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31 reranks The Best Disney Princess Movies #1 Mulan
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#2 Aladdin
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#3 Tangled
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81 reranks The Best Disney Princesses #1 Belle
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#4 Ariel
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#9 Cinderella
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89 reranks The Best and Worst Disney Animated Movies #1 The Lion King
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#2 Beauty and the Beast
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#3 Aladdin
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