#1 Beetlejuice on The Funniest Howard Stern Wack Packers #4 Ben Stern on The Best Frequent Howard Stern Guests #6 Billy Joel on The Best Ever Howard Stern Interviews
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20 reranks The Worst Oscar Snubs of All Time #1 Saving Private Ryan
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#2 Francis Ford Coppola
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#4 The Shining
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45 reranks The Best Marvel Movie Actors Ever #1 Robert Downey Jr.
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#2 Hugh Jackman
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#3 Tom Hiddleston
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32 reranks The Funniest '90s Movies #1 Office Space
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#2 Dumb and Dumber
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#3 Groundhog Day
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69 reranks The Greatest Characters We Watched Grow Up on TV #1 Cory Matthews
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#2 Will Smith
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#3 Cody Martin
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