#3 of 95 The Manchurian Candidate is falling on The Best Cold War Movies #4 of 60 The Fall of the Roman Empire is rising on The Best Roman Movies #8 of 76 Good Morning, Vietnam is falling on The Best Vietnam War Movies #1 of 70 Vikings is rising on The Best Historical Drama TV Shows #1 of 49 Sieges of Constantinople is rising on The Most Incredible Sieges of All Time

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69 reranks The Most Important Leaders in U.S. History #1 Abraham Lincoln
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#2 George Washington
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#3 Thomas Jefferson
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105 reranks The Best War Movies Ever #1 Saving Private Ryan
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#2 Full Metal Jacket
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#3 Apocalypse Now
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85 reranks The Greatest World War II Movies of All Time #1 Saving Private Ryan
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#2 The Great Escape
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#3 Patton
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32 reranks The Most Important Battles in US History #1 Battle of Gettysburg
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#2 Invasion of Normandy
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#3 Battle of Midway
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