#1 The Lion King on The Greatest Animal Movies Ever Made #3 L'Oréal on The Best Affordable Cosmetics Brands #14 Yahtzee on The Best Board Games For Kids
#7 of 169 Charlotte is falling on The Best Names For Baby Girls #8 of 68 Toy Story 3 is rising on The Best CGI Animated Films Ever Made #4 of 55 Dolce & Gabbana is rising on The Top Fashion Designers for Women #1 of 60 Juno is rising on The Best Pregnancy Movies #2 of 38 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Hydrate Shampoo is rising on The Best Sulfate Free Shampoos

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30 reranks All of the Months of the Year, Ranked #1 October
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#5 September
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63 reranks The Greatest Kid Characters in Film #1 Hermione Granger
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#2 Harry Potter
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#3 Wednesday Addams
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#2 Loyal
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#3 Loving
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27 reranks The Best Singers Who Only Need to Go By One Name #1 Prince
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#2 Elvis Presley
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#3 Madonna
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