#1 of 530 Frankie Knuckles is rising on The Most Influential DJs of All Time #4 of 136 Barney Kessel is falling on The Greatest Jazz Guitarists of All Time #1 of 256 Avicii is rising on The Best House Music DJs #1 of 38 The Rolling Stones is rising on The Best Bands Named After Songs #1 of 228 Ella Fitzgerald is rising on Make Your Voice Heard: Who Are the Best Female Jazz Singers?

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46 reranks The Best Hair Metal Bands Of All Time #1 Mötley Crüe
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#2 Def Leppard
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#3 Guns N' Roses
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25 reranks The Best Metal Drummers of All Time #1 Neil Peart
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#2 Dave Lombardo
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#4 Nicko McBrain
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42 reranks The Worst Rock Bands of All Time #1 Nickelback
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#2 Insane Clown Posse
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#3 Limp Bizkit
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21 reranks The Greatest Musicians Who Died Before 40 #1 Jimi Hendrix
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#2 Bob Marley
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#3 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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