#14 of 115 Indiana Jones Franchise is rising on The Very Best Movie Franchises #54 of 415 Heroes is falling on The Best TV Shows of The Last 20 Years #26 of 2349 Bill Russell is falling on The Best Athletes of All Time #16 of 387 Professor X is rising on The Best Comic Book Superheroes of All Time #64 of 1686 Diablo II is rising on The 100+ Best Video Games of All Time, Ranked by Fans
77 reranks The Best Characters In The Marvel Cinematic Universe #1 Stan "The Man" Lee
Heavily Upvoted
#2 Iron Man
Often listed #1 and Top 5 in Reranks
#3 Thor
Heavily Upvoted
108 reranks The Best Movies In The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ranked #1 Avengers: Infinity War
Often listed #1 and Top 5 in Reranks
#6 Guardians of the Galaxy
Often Listed
#9 Avengers: Endgame
Most Up Votes and Heavily Upvoted
86 reranks TV Shows That Only Smart People Appreciate #1 Sherlock
Heavily Upvoted
#2 Game of Thrones
Top 5 in Reranks and Most Votes
#3 House of Cards
Often Listed and Heavily Upvoted
75 reranks The Best Current TV Shows No One Is Watching #1 Peaky Blinders
Top 5 in Reranks and Most Votes
#2 Vikings
Heavily Upvoted
#7 Poldark
Ranked High on Reranks

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