#4 Hulk on The Greatest Marvel Avengers Characters of All Time #5 Batman Returns on All Batman Movies List: Ranked from Best to Worst #9 Black Canary on The Best Members of the Justice League and JLA

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36 reranks The Best Characters In The Marvel Cinematic Universe #1 Thor
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#2 Iron Man
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#3 Captain America
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45 reranks The Best Movies In The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ranked #1 Avengers: Infinity War
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#2 The Avengers
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#3 Guardians of the Galaxy
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23 reranks Sci-Fi Shows You Should Be Watching Now #1 The Expanse
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#3 Stranger Things
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#11 The 100
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26 reranks The Best Games To Play Online #1 Grand Theft Auto V
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#2 World of Warcraft
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#3 Minecraft
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