#34 of 240 Alamo Mission in San Antonio is rising on The Best Tourist Attractions in America #2 of 72 Greece is rising on The Best European Countries to Visit #24 of 125 Scotland is rising on The Best Countries to Meet Women #61 of 378 Arles is rising on The Best European Cities to Visit #68 of 373 Ann Arbor is rising on The Coolest Cities in America
28 reranks Cities You Most Want To Visit #1 Prague
Most Votes and Most Up Votes
#20 San Francisco
Top 5 in Reranks and Often Listed
21 reranks The Most Magical Cities in the World #2 Paris
Often listed #1 and Top 5 in Reranks
#5 Edinburgh
Ranked High on Reranks
#12 Amsterdam
Ranked High on Reranks
33 reranks The Best Honeymoon Destinations #1 Santorini
Most Up Votes and Heavily Upvoted
#3 Hawaii
Heavily Upvoted
#4 Venice
Heavily Upvoted
81 reranks Your Favorite Types of Cuisine #1 Italian food
Often listed #1 and Most Votes
#2 Mexican food
Heavily Upvoted
#3 Chinese food
Heavily Upvoted

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