#1 of 39 Las Vegas is rising on The Best Cities for a Bachelorette Party #1 of 63 Paris is rising on The Top Must-See Attractions in France #1 of 382 London is rising on The Best European Cities to Visit #1 of 40 The Venetian Las Vegas is rising on The Best Slots in Vegas #5 of 35 Destination Truth is falling on The Best Travel Documentary TV Shows

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22 reranks The Best Tourist Attractions in America #1 Grand Canyon
Top 5 in Reranks and Most Votes
#2 Niagara Falls
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#3 Statue of Liberty
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21 reranks The Most Magical Cities in the World #1 London
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#2 Paris
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#3 Venice
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78 reranks Your Favorite Types of Cuisine #1 Italian food
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#2 Mexican food
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#3 Chinese food
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87 reranks America's Coolest Cities #1 New York City
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#2 San Francisco
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#3 Chicago
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