12 lists
Things I like: blankets/snuggies, pillows, sporks, real fruit popsicles, tea, elastic-waist pants, scissors, creating my yet-to-be-had tattoos, beards/stauches, hockey, soccer.

Things I love: Jason Segel, live music, freshly ground black pepper, lazy mornings, the Beatles, the Lonely Island, MGMT, VDub, various carbs filled with/covered in cheese, gossip, Taco Bell, glittery things.

Things I hate: humidity, excessive amounts of snow, watching people use Q-Tips, most words that contain 'us', money.

Things I believe: I was a drag queen in a former life, Lil' Jon always tells the truth, the forced capitalization of words is both confining and unnecessary, it's ok that I'm a beer snob.