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Bebe Fernandez is a pen name Bridget Fitzgerald thought she'd try out then it got stuck that way. When not being all incognito, Bridget is an actress, comedienne, and model. She wrote and starred in sitcom Musie (Time Warner) as well as currently writes for and stars in SAG-AFTRA webseries SmileyBridgeTV. She has been a featured comic on Vid.Me, a member of the National Lampoon Final Edition sketch comedy podcast, the lead in a Fall Into Me pilot (Lifetime), and has featured roles in upcoming films Joe’s War (Ed Asner) and A Week In London (Denise Richards, Mike Tyson). She has even written for websites AllDay.com, AllNight.com, DailyInspire, PopLyft, YourHomeWizards.com, and NationalLampoon.com (though you can read her writing here, too).