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Collin got his BFA in Graphic Design, and then spent 20 years living in Philly on an eternal hunt for the best sandwich. He got paid to do this as editor of Eater Philly, and now writes about food and beer for LA Weekly and Zagat. Collin taught classes at The Wine School of Philadelphia, where M. Night Shyamalan once hired him for a private crash course on Bordeaux because Mark Wahlberg is way into Vieux Château Certan.

Collin has beaten every entry in the Metal Gear franchise, and plays a nasty D'va in Overwatch. Sometimes he reviews video games for Geekadelphia. He loves the 1970s "New Hollywood" movement, and will fight anyone who doesn't believe Beverly Hills Cop is the best action comedy ever made. He still listens to rave-era trance and watches endless re-runs of Seinfeld to spot continuity errors. Unsurprisingly, he's insufferable at parties.