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Matthew Ludwinski is a writer, actor, filmmaker, and self-proclaimed tortured artist whose favorite subject is the subtle art of navel gazing. Fascinated by his own psychology, his emotionally volatile artistic temperament is his favorite subject for writing/filmmaking. Though retired from acting, Matthew has continued to perform the most celebrated role of his career: acting dramatically in life (reviews still pending). An opinionated lover of movies, some faves are classic films and cinematic history, as well as indie and foreign movies. Normally when a knowledgeable expert disagrees, he humbly concedes, but with movies he admits respecting his opinion above all others. Some of the less exalted entertainment he enjoys are both day and night talk shows, and TV cartoons for kids. TV binge moments run the gamut from Adventure Time, to WestWorld, with each overtaking his entire life with their compelling new fictional world (rumored forays into cosplay cannot be confirmed or denied).