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WARNING: Secret menu items aren't available at every single restaurant in every chain, but if you find a place that will do it for you, knows what it is, and has all the ingredients, you can put your personal spin on something the people in the back have spent all day making the same way -- which is awesome. Get ready to get (more) dirty looks (than usual) at your local fast food chain. Below are all the secret menu item lists for all the most popular fast food chains in America. Hidden menu items are a blast to discover. Few people use them, but when you do, you usually look pretty damn awesome... unless that particular restaurant doesn't sell what you're looking for. THE RISK: If you're wrong, or if they don't know what you're talking about, it does get pretty embarrassing, but then again, secret menu items are about adventure, nuance and street cred, aren't they? Yes. Oh and they're also about food. So, for the sake of your fast food eating habits, here are the best off-menu items to order: from secret drinks at Jamba Juice, to secret hamburger creations at Burger King. From horrendous creations of horror at burger joints, to little-known vegetarian options (like a veggie burger at Burger King.) The world is now yours. Enjoy.