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My friends call me The Doctor. Just The Doctor. I love to travel and have adventures with my mates, which always seem to be women oddly enough. I don't hang with men too often. I'm a bit of a handy man, always keep a screwdriver on me. I'm always from out of town, but I have a British accent. I'm a fan of three piece suits and Chuck Taylor hi-tops. But bow ties and suspenders are growing on me.

57.5k Views484 Voters2.9k VotesThe Greatest Movies To Watch OutsideGoing to see an outdoor movie is one of the greatest pleasures during the summer months. Seeing movies outdoors under...
Rerank1.3k ViewsThe Best Movies of 2011
594.3k ViewsThe Hottest Slave Leias in Pop Culture HistorySlave Leia cosplay is a staple of any comic con you go to. Con season is up us once again and we expect to see plenty...
Rerank1.7k ViewsThe Greatest 'Live' Bands/Artists of All TimeThese are the best live bands on the planet. While I haven't gotten to see all of these bands live for myself, I have...
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Rerank2.0k ViewsThe Coolest Fictional CarsThese are the coolest fictional cars ever fabricated.
Rerank2.2k ViewsThe Best Dance Movies Ever MadeThese are my favorite dance movies.
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Rerank2.4k ViewsThe Greatest Soundtracks of All TimeThese are the greatest soundtracks of all time.
Rerank1.9k ViewsThe Greatest Zombie Movies of All TimeI like to champion the weak, so while these may not be the most straight forward picks for greatest Zombie movies of...
Rerank3.5k ViewsThe Hottest Video Game Vixens Of All TimeI too have been sucked into games because of a hottie on the cover. Here are the sexiest female video game characters...
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2.0m Views13.8k Voters71.6k VotesThe Greatest Spider-Man Costumes of All TimeAll Spider-Man suits, ranked by users in the order of their appeal and awesomeness, highlights why Spider-Man has one...
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Rerank1.6k ViewsThe Best Superhero Movies Ever Made
Rerank2.4k ViewsThe Greatest Chick Lit Books Of All Time
Rerank5.0k ViewsThe Best Theme Parks For Roller Coaster JunkiesHere are my favorite theme parks to go to for roller coasters. I was lucky to grow up near one of the best coaster...
Rerank4.0k ViewsThe Hottest Cartoon Characters Of All Time
Rerank1.8k ViewsHistorical Landmarks to See Before I Die
10.7k Views52 Voters295 VotesThe Top Ten Guy Movies To Watch On St. Patrick's DayWant to just zone out and watch a fun thriller or guy oriented comedy on St. Patty's day? These are the greatest male...